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Support for ukrainian women

Dear ukrainian women, who arrived in Simmern, in Idar-Oberstein or Bad Kreuznach region.

Little can we do, unfortunately neither stop a war or influence international politics. Still, it is an affair of the heart for us to improve your situation somehow. The ones of you, whom we talked to yet, told us, that having a job means at least a tiny bit of normality. Therefore we would like to assist you in this case, of course free of charge. We want to do, what we can do best:

  • Our experts in career coaching can help you with your CV and your application
  • Our recruiting experts can help identify your individual talents
  • Our russian-speaking co-workers can help you translate, i.g. in a job interview to which they can accompany you
  • Our human resources experts can recommend suitable jobs in our region and get you in touch with the right company that suits your personality and skills

So please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to help you.

SANDRA WUST s.wust@gf-a.de or 06761-905331 (german and english) or
OLGA URICH o.urich@gf-a.de or 06781-947825 (german and russian)
You can reach both from monday to friday from 9 till 2:30 o'clock.

Find more information about companies, that offer jobs for you

If need our support in one of the above mentioned aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course everything is free of charge.

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